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So-called ''smart homes'' feature very often in the science fiction genre of film and literature. People have the ability to control a number of functions within such a house using hand gestures or their voice. Some of these functions include lighting, heating, home security and ventilation, and in many cases it is the house itself that controls various functions even without our interference.

This idea is no longer just a vision for the future – today anyone can have a smart home, to a greater or a lesser extent of course. Your house will communicate with you and notify you in case of any potential problems such as a heat or smoke alarm going off, flooding in the bathroom or kitchen or a break in. You will be able to control various household appliances from afar, and even have the power to turn on or off the power supply of specific sockets. This will put an end to questions and worries of whether you really switched off the iron before leaving the house.

Your house will let you know if the door or a window has been left open, and it will draw the curtains and switch on the lights once it gets dark outside.

It is also able to turn on the ventilation to compensate for the increased levels of humidity or CO2 in the air. It is difficult to mention every task that a smart home could potentially perform. If there is anything you have in mind, just send us a message and we will see what we can do for you.

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