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Air quality testing

We are often unaware just how impure the air in our homes is – and yet it is there that we spend the majority of our lives! Would it not be useful if we could determine the potential presence of any harmful chemicals or mould spores in dangerous concentrations in the air that we breathe every day. What if the air is too humid which may encourage (especially in the presence of thermal bridges) the growth of mould?

We offer air quality checks by measuring:

  • the concentration of CO
  • the concentration of CO2
  • the concentration of VOX
  • the concentration of formaldehyde
  • air humidity level
  • the concentration of dirt/dust particles in the air

Additionally, we are able to check your ventilation installation. A report of its state and any recommended improvements or required repairs will be included in your air quality report.

What are you breathing with?


Recommended actions


Mould is a common household problem. It can be caused by poor ventilation, leaks and moisture in the air, which causes condensation. Everyday activities such as bathing, cleaning, cooking and even fish tanks and indoor plants can cause dampness in the air, leading to condensation and eventually mould.

Untreated, mould can cause allergies and respiratory problems, so it is important to ventilate your home well and keep an eye out for potential problems. Mould can be tricky to get rid of once it starts to grow, so it is best to be aware of prevention methods before it multiplies and causes a much larger problem.

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