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An efficient ventilation system is one of the most important aspects of our home installations. Unfortunately, ventilation in many older buildings was always gravitational and thus not sufficient enough. This type of ventilation works adequately only when set conditions are met. These include: incorrectly sealed windows, doors or vents; appropriate weather or a heating system functioning alongside an open chimney. In the majority of those kind of buildings "improvements" were made: windows and doors were sealed properly and chimneys were closed off as heating systems were changed. Improvements of this sort have effectively disabled the gravitational ventilation systems which in turn has lead to a decline in the quality of air and an increase in its humidity, consequently encouraging the growth of mould. In order to fight off the increasing humidity, vents in kitchens and bathrooms have been installed. This does not however deal with the problem fully and even leads to more frustration when the system does not live up to our expectations.

We can analyse your ventilation system and even provide you with a ventilation design specifically tailored to your house. We offer the installation of various ventilations: partially mechanical, fully mechanical or mechanical with heat regain.




Energy recovery

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) is the energy recovery process of exchanging the energy contained in normally exhausted building or space air and using it to treat (precondition) the incoming outdoor ventilation air in residential and commercial HVAC systems. During the warmer seasons, the system pre-cools and dehumidifies while humidifying and pre-heating in the cooler seasons. The benefit of using energy recovery is the ability to meet the modern ventilation & energy standards, while improving indoor air quality and reducing total HVAC equipment capacity.

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