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An efficient ventilation system is one of the most important aspects of our home installations.

Thermal imaging

Analysis of thermal images is a very effective way of assessing the quality of thermal isolation. It enables the discovery of any shortcomings/defects within wall, ceiling, floor insulation, thermal bridges, badly fitted windows and doors, as well as defects in roof insulation.

Air quality testing

We are often unaware just how impure the air in our homes is – and yet it is there that we spend the majority of our lives! Would it not be useful if we could determine the potential presence of any harmful chemicals or mould spores in dangerous concentrations in the air that we breathe every day?

Smart home

Imagine - your house performs more and more everyday tasks: adjust lighting, heating, ventilation. It controls home security, smoke, flood, fire alarms. It can alert you of open window or iron left on when you leave. Of course you have full and final control and using your voice or gestures (while you are at home) or your smartphone you can control all aspects of home automation.

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